About Us

When Precision Craft Dental Laboratory opened in 1972 as a boutique lab, Richard Napolitano committed himself to three priorities:

  • Dental technology
  • Customer service
  • Continuing education

Those same priorities still guide us throughout PCDL’s state-of-the-art, 14,000 square foot laboratory. In fact, we custom-designed this facility to provide one location for all your dental and education needs.

 No subcontracting or outsourcing here. All work is performed on site by a staff of expertly-trained European technicians who are available to speak with you any time. Because of our hefty investment in the best and latest materials and technologies, we are able to deliver workmanship that’s on-time, price–competitive, and unparalleled in quality, precision, and consistency.

 We are ready to consult and advise you about treatment options, suggest treatment plans, and educate you about applying the latest techniques and technologies. Call us anytime.