Our Faciltiy

To truly appreciate where we are now, you really have to know a bit about where we came from. 

In 2005 we faced a crisis. PCDL had been in the same space for 30 years. We had 3500 square feet that comfortably fit 15 employees. We had 32. We were literally working on top of one another. Our workload was expanding but there was no space to accommodate it. The only solution was to move.

PCDL committed to building a $3.4 million state-of-the-art facility in Smithfield, Rhode Island that would provide both an ideal work environment for current staff as well as giving us room to grow. We now reside in a space that’s four times larger, with 14,000 square feet. But the additional space turns out to be only a small part of the story. 

It was worth the effort. Each technician has a Zeising workstation with NSK-Z500 electric handpieces, Renfert IS2 sandblasters and BEGO Triton steamers. A knee-activated KaVo vacuum unit is located conveniently for each set of three workstations. There are 430 feet of granite countertops and 17 undermounted stainless steel sinks. Hydraulic cabinet doors and draws open and close silently. Glass dividers between departments maintain an open feel and promote easy communications but contain dust.  Color corrected lights are suspended 30 inches above each bench to cast wide light without shadows. In fact, during site development, we decided it was important that the entire production area face north to receive neutral light at all times, even though that reorientation change cost an additional $24,000. And now, because the technology only runs when used, our electricity bills are the same as those in our former space.

In addition to perfecting the laboratory environment, we also wanted the new facility to support and showcase the importance we place on continuing education. We built a training room with the same workstations and natural light as our laboratory, making it ideal for hands-on instruction. A 50-person lecture room is equipped with an overhead audio-visual display, ceiling mounted projector and wet bar. An in-house operatory with a glass wall and overhead video unit and macro lens means we can demonstrate cutting edge procedures to both live and remote audiences.

For years we have also made use of this education center to train new technicians, through a partnership program with the State of Rhode Island. We welcome a visit and would be happy to show you around.