Custom Shading

For most dental patients, ultimate satisfaction with an implant is closely related to a good, natural-looking color match, especially if a front tooth is involved. But experience has taught us all that the standard color choices available at most labs do not always produce the hue, value, and chroma of an optimum color match. That’s why the option of skilled custom shading is so important to every veneer or crown. At PCDL, our technicians are knowledgeable about how to compound, blend and stain each implant to give it just the right depth, translucency, and sheen.

To make certain your patient achieves the most lifelike implant, we invite patients to come to our facility so we can ask about individual needs and expectations. Then, under ideal lighting conditions, we use high-quality photographic technology to analyze and communicate a patient’s unique color requirements to a technician who creates a custom-blended crown on the spot. Following a brief wait, each patient can then immediately examine and approve the results.

And if your patient can’t come to us, we’ll come to your patient in your office.