Treatment Plan

Our top priority is always to make sure you and each of your patients enjoy the best possible outcome. That’s why we encourage you to make use of our 3D imaging and other digital resources and expertise, to enhance the service and treatment your practice offers.

From preoperative anatomy analysis to surgical execution, you can tap into the equipment investment we’ve already made and the training our technicians have completed. So, if you’re facing a particularly complex restoration or helping a patient prepare for extensive dental work, PCDL will help you create the optimum treatment plan, using the best in cutting-edge materials and treatment planning software. When your patient’s treatment involves coordinating a variety of specialists, we will monitor each provider’s adherence to the agreed-upon work plan, to help guarantee process efficiency and outcome success.

Whether you need us to take the lead in evaluating multiple treatment options or simply provide a second set of eyes to review a plan you’ve already prescribed, we are ready to review your case files and support you in achieving the best results for treating each patient.