Continuing Education

PCDL Programs to support Your Professional Development

Like other technology-based fields, innovations in dental laboratory science are occurring at an ever-increasing rate. We understand you’re busy. So, we make it easy for you to stay current. We continually research the newest developments, evaluate their usefulness, and provide the training you need to apply them.

By bringing our experience and expertise to professional conferences, by scheduling education events at our laboratory, and by regularly traveling to train clinicians in their own offices, PCDL makes it easy to stay on top of your game.

Pristine Training Areas Available for Your Own Programs

PCDL’s state-of-the-art laboratory was built to support our commitment to continuing education. Yes, we use these areas to prepare our own staff in intensive hands-on instruction. But, we’ve also partnered with the State of Rhode Island to train technicians to work at other laboratories.

Our 50-person lecture room with audio-visual display, ceiling-mounted projector and wet bar, along with an adjacent operatory for demonstrating procedures, make PCDL an ideal location to host manufacturer-sponsored courses and your own professional gatherings.