Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions we get during conversations and phone calls.  Please feel free to browse our FAQ and hopefully we will have what you are looking for!

What types of All Ceramic materials do you offer?

Lithium Disilicate - eMax CAD, Press and Multi

Zirconia - 3M Lava products, Jensen XT and Imagine

Leucite Pressables (Press to Metal/Zirconia) - Esthetic Press


Our layering ceramics are Creation by Willi Gellar, eMax Ceram, and GC IQ.   If you have any detailed questions on compatibility, please Contact Us.

Are you available for Chairside assistance? Do you charge for this?

We are available for most types of chairside assistance by appointment.  Anything from dentures to full mouth rehabilitations, as well as treatment planning and staff lunch & learns.  Let us know what you need help with, and we will do our level best to get you the best solutions.  As far as charges for chairside work; most times we do this at no charge, but in instances we do have set rates for certain procedures that are more complex.  Contact us for more information regarding this!

Do you accept Digital Scans?

Absolutly!  Currently, we are set up to receive iTero, 3m, 3Shape Trios, and Carestream digital files.  We do not accept CEREC Connect files as of 4/1/2015.  

Does your lab use Authentic Implant components?

Yes.  As often as possible.  We are a strong believer that the best quality in implant restorations means using manufacturer (OEM) abutments and screws.  This provides not only the best abutment to implant fit; but also ensures that you will have a valid warranty on your fixture and restoration.  In some complex restorations, we may employ aftermarket parts, but only after calling you to discuss.  In these instances Precision Craft will honor any warranty claims on the restoration AND the fixture, so you have peace of mind.